PortPlugs Anti Dust Plugs



? PREMIUM ALUMINUM DESIGN: We??ve designed ours using premium-grade aluminum crafted with smooth, sleek lines and a great touch of color. This means you??ll effectively protect the lightning port of your iPhone 7, 8 or iPad without losing the eye-catching aesthetics of your device. ? EXPERIENCE SUPERIOR PROTECTION: Custom molded to snugly fit the lightning port of your iPhone 7, 8, or X this port cover effectively keeps dust, lint, splashes and grime out of your sensitive charging port. Avoid expensive phone repairs and bad internal connections with this premium dust cap. ? STORAGE MADE EASIER: No more constantly losing your anti-dust stoppers. We??ve bundled our iPhone dust plug with a convenient cord holder. Simply slip the cord holder onto your charging cable and insert the aluminium plug stopper into it whenever you??re charging your device. ? SAFE TO USE: Never have to worry about metal dust plugs shorting out your iPhone or damaging the battery. Our aluminum plugs are designed for maximum safety. They??re shorter than a power plug, meaning they never touch the power component of the lightning port. ? AVOID PRICEY REPAIRS: Save yourself the stress of charging issues, the headache of port problems, and the pain of expensive repairs. Our anti-dust plugs help to keep your device working flawlessly by protecting the internal connections of your ports.


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