Hide & Drink Leather Handmade Sleeve for iPhone 6 Plus – Bourbon Brown



HANDMADE FROM SOFT & ATTRACTIVE FULL GRAIN LEATHER: Hide & Drink??s Leather iPhone 6 Plus Sleeve is handcrafted by expert artisans from Pastores, Guatemala, to provide you with a sturdy and reliable home to your delicate iPhone 6 Plus. Full Grain Leather is the best leather that you can get, and provides for a supple, sturdy and attractive material that make for a sleeve that will protect your iPhone 6 Plus from knocks, bumps and scratches. ATTRACTIVE, SLIM DESIGN WITH SOFT SHEEPSKIN LINING: The Leather iPhone 6 Plus Sleeve is made from a single piece of leather, makes for an attractive and stylish home for your iPhone, with a gap at the bottom for connecting the charger. The slim design means that you can easily and securely store the case away in your pocket or your bag, and the soft sheepskin interior makes it easy to insert and remove your phone. PROTECTS AGAINST HIGH-IMPACT DROPS: We have all felt the pain of dropping our phone and it lands face down. You pause for a second and pray that the screen isn??t cracked, and it??s always worse than you expect. With Hide & Drink??s sturdy Leather iPhone 6 Plus Sleeve, if you drop it on the floor while inside the case, you??ll be safe in the knowledge that no harm will be done to your favorite device. The thick, strong leather will absorb the shock, and keep your phone from falling into pieces. FINELY STITCHED AND DURABLE: Hide & Drink??s Leather iPhone 6 Plus Sleeve is handmade with Full Grain Leather, the best grain of the hide. The use of this particular grain and its fine stitching will ensure that the Sleeve will last you a lifetime of use. The stitching is finished with a sweeping flame to assure that no unravelling occurs. MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Hide & Drink swears by its leather, and knows that this fine, rustic Full Grain Leather iPhone Sleeve will make an excellent gift for friends, family and loved ones who often fall victim to clumsiness. No more tears over spilled iPhones with this handcrafted iPhone Sleeve, making for an elegant gift for anyone and everyone.


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