FitHolster Pro phone case REGULAR for iPhone 5 5s SE 4s iPod Touch – Black



Ergonomically designed from the top down, with the help of an orthopedic surgeon, engineered for athletic performance and designed to move and work with your body’s natural range of motion Super strong high quality neodymium magnets measured to hold tight for even the most explosive of movements Patented design reversible magnetic clasp positioned above the protective case to allow movement without being restricted by your hip joint Form fit and sweat proof high quality neoprene designed for superior protection from dirt, sweat, heat and cold. Ultra responsive clear protective window allows you to operate your device in position and with the protection of the case; stop covering your phone in dirt and sweat every time you want to change a song. NOTE: for iPhone 7 only, the home button cannot be used through case. All other functions are accessible


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